Thursday, June 18, 2009

Phil Hester's Darkness Cover Process

Beginning in September, acclaimed writer Phi Hester gets back to his roots as an illustrator for “Bog,” a new two-part story beginning in “The Darkness” #80. The story finds Darkness bearer Jackie Estacado traveling to swamp country on a crucial mission, one that is put in jeopardy by what Top Cow calls the bog’s monstrous protector.

Hester was eager to reunite with frequent collaborator Ande Parks to tell his story, which Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik says is close to the writer-artist’s heart. “Phil has really revived and reinvigorated ‘The Darkness’ during his tenure as writer. He's taking Jackie places he's never been before and making him a much more fleshed out, three-dimensional character,” Sablik told CBR.


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