Monday, July 06, 2009

Bill Harms Q&A on

inFAMOUS is a swell game. We scored it an 8.5 in our review, and bestowed it with the Editor’s Choice award for Playstation 3 as well. One reason that inFAMOUS worked well was the story; Marc left the description of the story intentionally vague in his review, so that players could experience it for themselves. Today we sit down with the man who worked on the story for inFAMOUS, Bill Harms.

BLAST: What did you do for inFamous? What was it like working on this game?

BILL HARMS: I wrote all of the dialogue for the game, and also worked with the designers in plotting out some of the story’s finer details. For example, the player originally didn’t meet Kessler until much later in the game, and that was something that we moved up to an earlier point in the game. I also directed all of the voice actors.

Working on inFamous was a blast. Things were pretty crazy from the get-go because the writing was running late when they brought me in, so there were a lot of late nights and weekends. That said, it was important to everyone working on the game that it had a good story, so I got a lot of support.


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