Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CCI: ICv2's Comics And Media Conference

Wrapping with the "Comics After Hollywood" panel, the conference opened up to some of the most lively discussion which became more of a therapeutic discussion for representatives from Oni Press, Top Cow Entertainment and Hollywood management agencies to explain in stark terms how the development system can still work to undermine good comics if creators aren't smart. "Hellboy" creator Mike Mignola said that the success of the movies based on his characters came more from luck than from him trying to control the final product. "I don't want to maintain control as a creator. When you sell the rights, it's a lot of people with money on one side of the table, and you're on the other side. I was very luck to have a director that wanted me involved. If I had another director, chances are I wouldn't have been involved at all. The day I signed the contract for 'Hellboy,' I went home and created a new character because, on the off chance that things turned out to be horrible – all those stories I had for Hellboy, I needed another place to put them. There's pros and there's cons, and it's a gamble.


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