Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer #1 review

The comic starts out with an ad for a new communication device called “Jett”, which is supposed to be the next advancement from the cell phone. This may be important later, as another ad appears on the back of the comic, complete with a real web address. A man is being tortured for information in a cave. The man is part of a group that hunts down people powered by “technoderm”, a high-tech tattoo that grants super-powers. Some of these “Ultra-Sapiens” rebelled against the company that gave them their powers and went underground. The “Hunter-Killer” program was created to take them down, and the leader of the group in the cave was once part of that program. He also doesn’t intend to hurt his former comrade, who tells them that the Hunter-Killers are after another super group, the Cyberforce. In the ensuing battle, Dylan is hurt, possibly dead, as the rogue Ultra-Sapien, Ellis, arrives and tells his comrades they can’t save the world without the Cyberforce’s help.


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