Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer #1 reviewed by Broken Frontier

After reading this first issue of the 5-issue miniseries Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer I am not convinced that proclaiming this five-issue Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer limited series will be “Summer’s Hottest Event Series!”. It is good, I grant you that. The introduction of the Hunter/Killer team is amazingly adequate in setting up stage and that alone should tell you that this book is quality well-above mediocre. The story is set up by Mark Waid (also working magic with Dutch artist Minck Oosterveer with "The Unknown") and drawn delicately by Kenneth Rocafort, in a way I am amazed at. How can a sketchy style be so effective, I keep on wondering. Colorist Sunny Cho brings magic to the pencils, that I am sure off. This team-up makes the sum of parts surely more than just adding up each artist's own merits. Obviously!


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