Wednesday, July 01, 2009

iFanboy "PIck of the Week" Podcast features Berserker #1

It's a three way agreement on the POW for the first time in a while, and yes, it's starting to get hot. Plus Destro and Cobra Commander!

00:01:34 - Josh had a very clear choice in Rucka and Williams' wonderful Detective Comics #854. Many agree.
00:12:59 - James Robinson got the most Starmannish he's gotten on Superman #689.
00:15:50 - And at long last, we're all on board for Amazing Spider-Man #598.
00:19:03 - Some are digging Dark Avengers #6, and some are getting a little bored of it.
00:24:55 - It took a little while to remember what was happening, but we're pretty sure End League #8 was good.
00:26:39 - You want some angry small town bloodshed? Berserker #1 will work for you.


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