Friday, July 17, 2009

Top Cow's "Let Us Win You Over" Initiative Hits Halfway Mark

Top Cow's recently enacted "Let Us Win You Over" initiative is, as the company's Publisher Filip Sablik described it, "the initiative where I went crazy."

That's certainly one way to look at a campaign in which a comic book company gives away 200 free comics to 25 different comic book stores every month, totaling 5,000 free comic books for each 30-day period with a grand total of 60,000 comic books in one year – all of this in the midst of one of the worst global financial situation in recent history.

"These are our regular books. They're not promo books, they're not preview books, they're not dollar books that we're giving away. These are honest-to-god regular issues of Top Cow titles," Filip Sablik told CBR. "So, yeah, it's where I went crazy.


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