Friday, October 16, 2009

BCC: ComiXology Panel

"Everybody says that digital comics are coming, but we think they've already arrived," said David Steinberger, ComiXology CEO, as he began Saturday's panel at Baltimore Comic-Con. Panelists included Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik, Richard Starkings of Comicraft and writer of "Elephantmen," Michael DeVito from Th3rd World Studios and David Gallaher, writer of Zuda Comics' "High Moon" and the ComiXology exclusive "Box 13."

Sablik explained the role of digital and mobile comics in Top Cow's business model. "Our first foray into digital was through IGN's Direct-to-Drive," Sablik said. "I think as a publisher we look around - and I'm well aware of the people who are downloading BitTorrents of 'Witchblade,' and I'd like to have a few of those sales - I know that not everybody torrenting is willing to pay for it, but we'd like to get as many of those people as we can."


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