Monday, October 19, 2009

The Darkness Ranked One of Top 8 Under-Rated Games

The Xbox 360 has had some of the best games this generation. From Gears of War , Fable 2 to Mass Effect, Xbox 360 has something for everyone. Here we list some of the games that were awesome but missed out due to some reasons.

3. The Darkness

Although this game is not a Xbox 360 exclusive, The Darkness was a great game in all departments. The game had a very strong plot and a very likeable character in Jackie Estacado. The game had very good graphics for its time and most importantly the game had amazing gameplay. The Darkness’s powers were a lot of fun to use. Having said that a lot of websites gave lower scores and on top of that the sales of the game were disappointing. Just about 700,00 copies of this game were sold.


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