Monday, October 26, 2009

Famous Monsters Reviews Pilot Season: Declassified

Anyone who loves comics knows – and loves – Robert Kirkman and Marc Silvestri. It’s exciting news, then, that for this year’s Pilot Season, Top Cow has Kirkman and Silvestri co-creating not one, not two, but five new ongoing comic series. Evidently, Kirkman just has too many ideas buzzing around in his head to even know what to do with them, so the publisher is taking a few of them off his hands. And from the looks of Pilot Season: Declassified, they’re gonna do some pretty cool things with them.

It’s tough to review something that’s already a preview of something else, but here I am, doing my best. Declassified is a $1 preview issue, and for the price, you’re getting some pretty cool stuff. It’s a first look at five characters that have the potential for very, very great things. What’s more, it offers a cool inside glance at the process of putting a new comic together, as we’re treated to the scripts, concept sketches, and messages the creators sent back and forth in putting together each story. Kirkman’s the kind of writer whose scripts are a joy to read in and of themselves, and as a longtime devotee, I was pretty excited to get my grubby little fingers on ‘em. What’s more, Markc Silvestri’s concept art is beautiful. He’s really in top form with these characters; each of the five is incredibly badass, in a way that’s menacing and more than a little frightening.


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