Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Berserker #4 just as gory as the others

If you're worried that Jeremy Haun is going to make Berserker #4 any less gory and visceral then your fears are unfounded. But there's nothing like a little friendly competition among artists as to who can out-gore the other.

Berserker #4 will feature covers by both Haun and Dale Keown and both really escalate the violence. Keown did a variant cover for Berserker #3 where Aaron snarls through his opponent's blood and guts as he tears him in half, and for this issue it looks like he's going a step further.

“In addition to producing a compelling story, both Jeremy Haun and Dale Keown seem to be engaged in a good natured competition to see who can produce the grittiest cover image” said Top Cow Publisher, Filip Sablik.


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