Monday, November 09, 2009

Best Shots Reviews Tracker #1

At first glance, Top Cow’s new miniseries Tracker seems to be that company’s answer to Wolverine (not that they, and everyone else in the industry, haven’t used Logan-like characters before, but this pointy-toothed, wacky-haired feral man seems spot on). Getting inside, though, you’re one splash-page away from realizing that this is not the kind of book that ever could have gotten approved by the Comics Code Authority.

I’m a sucker for this style of art, and Francis Tsai handles it well. One of the weaknesses of many comics painters is to make the faces of anyone in the background so general as to be more or less a blur of flesh-colored something. Not so here; while the main characters would have to walk a mile in someone’s watercolored shoes to be as deliberate and detailed as an Alex Ross painting, the world they inhabit is a lot more real than most comics painters bother with, and the humanity in their expressions helps to make them relatable.


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