Wednesday, November 04, 2009

ComicVine's First Look at Pilot Season 'Demonic #1'

Have you been keeping up with ' Top Cow: Pilot Season'? If you are then be sure to catch Robert Kirkman's latest book, Demonic #1 which is due to hit store shelves on December 16th, 2009! The book will consist of 32-pages of a story developed by both Kirkman and long time Image partner and Top Cow founder Marc Silvestri. Demonic #1 is illustrated by Soulfire and The Darkness artist Joe Benitez.

The story of Demonic #1 focuses on Scott Graves, who struggles with his inner demon that occasionally manifests itself in Graves' every-day life- posing to be a pretty big problem. In order to satisfy his inner demon, Graves is forced to kill. If Graves wants to keep his wife and daughter alive, he must acquiesce to the demands of the demon.


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