Friday, November 13, 2009

CraveOnline Reviews Tracker #1

With tweens and vampires being all the rage right now in popular culture, I was fairly ecstatic to find Top Cow publishing a book about werewolves, and not the Paramore-grooving, Stephanie Meyer kind. Tracker #1 is a crime procedural first and a supernatural werewolf tale second.

Written by Jonathan Lincoln, Tracker #1 wastes no time introducing the key players, along with their relatively cookie cutter personalities. You've got your main character Agent O'Roark, the hard boiled FBI agent who allows his guilt of letting the killer go to overwhelm him. You've got Agent Jezebel Kendall, the no-nonsense female agent who is overworked and undersexed, as well as partners with our lead. You've got Agent Grant, the jealous co-worker who is more interested in impressing Agent Kendall than solving the case. And of course, you have the worried girlfriend of our main character that fears she is getting too close to a man that will surely get himself killed in the line of duty. Despite these cardboard cutout personalities, Lincoln is able to provide a solid narrative into which these characters feel at home.


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