Monday, November 16, 2009

Multiversity Comics Presents Filip Sablik

In this week's edition of Multiversity Comics Presents, we have Filip Sablik. Filip is the Publisher for Top Cow Productions, one of the leading comic companies in the industry and part of the overall umbrella that is Image Comics. As you'll be able to tell by reading this interview, Filip is a bit of a comic historian as well (or so it seems), and he also writes and draws as well.

How did you get started in comics, and more specifically, Top Cow Productions?

Filip Sablik: I started in the industry working at Diamond Comic Distributors in 2000 and worked there for six years. I started in the Customer Service department and worked my way up to the Assistant Manager of the Comics Team in their Purchasing department.

That's how I met Matt Hawkins, who must have liked the work I did because he offered me a job in 2006 to come to Top Cow as VP of Marketing & Sales. When Matt decided he wanted to focus more on new business development and our film and television efforts, he offered me the job of Publisher. I guess he still liked what I was doing.


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