Friday, November 20, 2009

Newsarama's IMAGE UNITED Weekly with Marc Silvestri

This week, we get more information on the process behind Image United and its story from Silvestri, who's getting to draw the characters he and his studio have made into what he calls modern icons.

Newsarama: We've talked before about how this whole project came together. But what was your personal motivation to do this? Why did the project and the opportunity appeal to you in particular?

Marc Silvestri: When Erik had that wacky idea, which is what Erik does, I think he either pitched it to Rob or to Valentino first. I'm not sure who it was. But at first, we were kind of chuckling about it, like wouldn't it be fun – or funny, depending on how you looked at it – and the more we sat and talked about it, which we did out in Arizona when we did a signing at Atomic Comics, the more fun it sounded.


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