Friday, November 13, 2009

Project Fanboy Reviews Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer #3

Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer #3 is a great example of one of the advantages comic books have over other mediums. There is no budget to be concerned about. Whatever crazy visual you can imagine...whatever crazy power a person can be drawn (and in this case...drawn amazingly well). Mark Waid uses this aspect to his advantage, crafting a comic that's a sci-fi tinged, super-powered race against time. His script moves quickly and smartly, as our main characters (post team-up decision) are in the midst of their resistance and rebellion. There is absolutely nothing bad to say about Mark Waids writing here, his dialogue is good, as is his pacing, and action.

However, the real star of this comic book is Kenneth Rocafort. His art drips cool. It's almost like an amalgamation of Evangelion and....i don't know....something really awesome. Rocafort isn't afraid to experiment with unconventional panels or page layouts and somehow it never gets in the way of telling the story. I could sit here and name specific pages that amazed me, but instead ill just tell you take make sure you take your time with the pages that feature one of the strike teams being attacked by some hideously vicious creatures. Sunny Gho also does a great job on colors always highlighting, and never stepping on Rocaforts pages. He chose a great pallet and does a nice job of making the more sci-fi aspects of the book really pop.


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