Monday, November 23, 2009

Project Fanboy Reviews The Darkness #81

The Darkness #81 has little bad-mouthed demons, mobsters, a man that can feel no pain, and a bog monster. All of that sounds strange but makes for a surprisingly poignant and sad comic. The story, by Phil Hester, is told mostly from the perspective of a mythical swamp defender and delves deep into the tragedy that is....well being a monster.

Hester does an excellent job of juggling a few plot-lines while keeping forward momentum. The lead (and darkness vessel) Jackie Estacado continues in his quest for vengeance and destruction of The Sovereign by taking out his remaining vessels. This comic is peppered with interesting and fun characters written by Hester. The actions of one particular character, Scab, a mercenary without a conscience or the ability to feel pain have to be seen to be believed.


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