Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Project Fanboy Reviews Tracker #1

What happens when a man who is tasked with protecting society from monsters (both figuratively and literally in this case) is becoming one himself? That's the question Jonathan Lincoln seeks to ask and answer in the new miniseries, Tracker, from Top Cow. It's sort of a werewolf twist on a hard boiled tale of an FBI agent tracking the man responsible for grizzly acts of public mass murder...or something like that...but you know what? I think its good, pretty darn good.

The script, by Lincoln, moves quickly (in a good way) introducing the reader (in quite a grizzly and gory and also good way) to the life of FBI agent Alex O'Roark. A man on a mission if there ever was one, O'Roark, is likeable and rough around the edges, the way any good public defender is, and I think that's much of why this comic works, you feel for O'Roark and what's happening to him. Lincoln's script successfully draws you into his life, predicament, and the cast of characters that surround him, that includes his rightfully concerned girlfriend, and tough talking partner Jezebel.


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