Thursday, November 05, 2009

Top Cow and InStock Trades Offer Free Witchblade Graphic Novels

Filip Sablik, the Publisher at Top Cow Productions, occasionally posts over at Blog@Newsarama. Last week, Sablik said that he felt that Top Cow’s flagship title, Witchblade, is not a “T&A” title, which lit up a firestorm of responses. This week, in an attempt to defend his previous comments, he announced a deal with Direct Comic Book Service and InStock Trades for a free copy of Witchblade vol. 11 or 12 with any purchase, to prove to readers that Witchblade is a serious title.

Thanks to the generosity of our friends at Discount Comic Book Service and InStock Trades, you can now get a FREE copy of the original printings of the Witchblade trades containing Ron Marz’s first two storylines. All you have to do is make one additional purchase (which doesn’t have to be a Top Cow item) through InStock Trades and either Volume 10 or 11 will be absolutely FREE.


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