Sunday, December 27, 2009


Compared to the heroes of the Image Universe, the creators of "Image United" have it easy. The six-issue crossover event — written by Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Image Comics founders Erik Larsen, Rob Liefeld, Todd McFarlane, Whilce Portacio, Marc Silvestri and Jim Valentino — embarks on its second issue this week, leaving even the bravest of Image's warriors in bitter conflict with their fiercest foes.

After Jim Downing turns down Omega Spawn's offer to join his world-ending plot, the current Spawn is transported to a hospital in Chicago where all hell continues to break loose between Image's expansive roster of heroes and villains. But the battle isn't confined solely to the Windy City, as we see that Cyberforce, Witchblade and other champions are contending with similar conflicts all across the globe. By the end of the issue, it's clear that the war is far from over — indeed, it's only the beginning.

Following the release of each issue of "Image United," CBR News is speaking with writer Robert Kirkman and one of the Image Comics founders for an exclusive commentary track about the development of the most recent installment. This week, CBR sat down with Kirkman and "Spawn" creator Todd McFarlane, who is responsible for the issue's opening four-page fight sequence between Jim Downing and the resurrected and vengeful Al Simmons, currently known as Omega Spawn.

CBR News: Right out of the gate, "Image United" #2 picks up one of the biggest threads from the first issue — the first confrontation between Jim Downing, the current Spawn, and Al Simmons, the artist presently known as Omega Spawn.

Robert Kirkman:
I wanted to build [Omega Spawn] up as a very powerful, threatening villain, so I wanted to open this issue with him trashing the Jim Downing Spawn and [Downing] having to escape. I knew that was a moment that most readers would want to see — the two Spawns facing off. Rather than hold that back and do the usual thing where I could tease that [for later in the series], I just wanted to get it out of the way. A lot of the things that I'm doing for "Image United" are building up the things that [fans] are expecting me to hold back and just giving it to them right away. I think this series has a lot of different things that I'm keeping up my sleeve, so I'm able to give the fans what they want as early on as possible.


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