Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Fangoria Reviews Tracker #1

If you think about, cops and creatures of the night have a lot in common. They’re tough. They do most of their activity in the wee hours of the night. They’re scary, especially unshaven. Sometimes, they sit in one place for hours on end for their target to arrive. And once in awhile, they turn into something else when pissed off. Whether or not it’s upon a full moon is quite debatable.

It’s a wonder why we don’t see more crossovers between cop shows and werewolves, but TRACKER from Top Cow Comics mixes the two perfectly with a yellow and blue make green seal of approval. It’s mature and gritty, yet mysterious and supernatural, allowing the reality to lead the fiction into believable circumstances. Writer Jonathan Lincoln almost treats this comic book like a television show, and perhaps it once was as the sharp dialogue and step-by-step motion within a crime scene make it pretty hard to ignore that observation. The interesting aspect of that notion is television writing has become more like a comic book these days, and so why not reverse the structure of a cop drama seen on the major networks and let it play out in a graphic novel format? As comic book readers continue to read the books well past the ideal state of mind set out by moms and girlfriends, the true nature of comic book storytelling must mature as well. TRACKER treats the reader like a full-on adult, and it’s comfy for those that are tired of capes, masks, and neon tights flying all over the place.


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