Friday, December 04, 2009

Omnicomic Announces Aphrodite IV's Return

In Greek mythology Aphrodite was Goddess of Love. In Top Cow mythology Aphrodite IV is a pain in Witchblade's ass. And she's coming back.

Starting in Witchblade #134, Detective Sara Pezzini is still grappling with her actions throughout the War of the Witchblades. Introspection waits for no one though (except for the introspector), and Aphrodite IV has targeted her in her mission to recover a piece of technology for her masters. Writer Ron Marz is pretty excited about getting her back in the mix.

"We got a great response to Aphrodite's appearance in Witchblade #119,” said Marz. “I've been anxious to her back into the book and back into Sara's life. The storyline that ramps up starting in issue #134 will give some real juicy hints about Aphrodite IV's origins. And, of course, we'll blow up a lot of stuff."


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