Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Omnicomic Reviews Angelus #1

Well friends, it seems that Omnicomic has found an entire world that we can really get into again. The last time we felt like this was back in the 90s when we were collecting a bit more (you know, until the allowance money ran out) with the X-Universe. Yes…I’m talking about Witchblade.

This issue did a great job setting up multiple enemies and agents of Light and Darkness that could prove a threat in the issues to come. The artist did a great job with facial expressions leaving us with the thought that there is more then meets the eye. As always, the female warriors of Angelus are quite a sight to behold. This series also seems to follow the trend of Witchblade in setting up the characters and their emotional situations in the real world as things that could cause conflict in the future.


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