Wednesday, December 09, 2009

PopCultureZoo Announces Top Cow's Digital Comic Distribution Plans

Last year around this time Top Cow announced their plans to win you over in 2009 by keeping the price of their regular series comics at $2.99. How do they plan to keep you a fan of the Cow in 2010? The answer is on the device in front of you, whether it be a PC, Mac, iPhone, Blackberry or something similar. Top Cow has an aggressive, multi-platform digital distribution plan in place and all of the details are in the press release below. I am new to the smartphone world and am very happy that I will be able to get some very early and recently sold out Top Cow books for free and pay-per-download and I am very interested to see where they take this throughout the year. Might Top Cow be the first to offer an online digital subscriptions for new books? That remains to be seen, but this certainly opens the door.


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