Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Project Fanboy Reviews Pilot Season: Murderer

Robert Kirkman takes a skewed look at the superhero fantasy. What if with great power came, not great responsibility, but great misery. Jason can read minds, but he can't control it. He is constantly under assault from every stray thought around him. The only way he can get a moment's peace is by killing someone. So, with questionable yet altruistic intentions, Jason listens for thoughts of evil, and then kills those who think them.

Yeah, I know, there wouldn't be many people left.

Still, Kirkman pulls it all together into a rather interesting tale. Not a happy story, even the uplifting moments are tainted by murder, but a good story. The use of caption boxes to depict everyone around Jason's thoughts, is not only clever, but gives us a glimpse into what he goes through each day.


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