Monday, December 07, 2009

Randy Queen Shares Thoughts on Darkness/Darkchylde: Kindgom of Pain One Shot w/ Ain't It Cool News

Up next AICN got a very cool, exclusive, behind the scenes piece here from Top Cow and the folks behind the upcoming THE DARKNESS/DARKCHYLDE: KINGDOM OF PAIN 48-page One Shot which hits the stands late December. Let's pass the mike over to writer/artist Randy Queen who will walk you guys through the process from sketches to final cover for this project and the design for the new look for the Darkness’ armor. Take it away, Randy!

I hope you enjoy this illustration process, but almost every piece is unique onto itself. Sometimes the image comes right away, and in a rare moment of confidence I draw right on the board. Most times it's revising multiple sketches until you get something which is sized up, and printed back out to be lightboxed. There is no one right way of course, and everyone's process varies.


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