Monday, January 11, 2010

Broken Frontier: Marz & Smith Talk First Born/Broken Trinity Hardcover

The First Born/Broken Trinity Deluxe Hard Cover reprints the story of First Born, which explores the conflict between the forces of Light and Dark as New York City Police Office Sara Pezzini prepares to give birth to her first child. Desiring to tip the power balance in their own favor, the forces of Light and Dark covet the offspring of the Witchblade bearer! Broken Trinity acts as a thematic bookend, when a new Angelus bearer rises and two brand new Artifact bearers make their first appearance in the Top Cow Universe. With new players on the board upsetting a delicate balance, a Trinity will be broken and one bearer will die. Top Cow announced that they will be expanding the deluxe edition hard cover containing Broken Trinity to include First Born.

The hardcover will now contain both crossover miniseries collecting all three issues of Broken Trinity, the three tie-in issues featuring The Darkness, Angelus, and Witchblade, and Broken Trinity: Aftermath, all three issues of First Born, Witchblade #110–112. The hard cover also reprints the previously uncollected First Born: Aftermath, making the entirety of the First Born epic available in a single volume for the first time.

BROKEN FRONTIER: The First Born hardcover was originally (June 2009) thought up as a collection of the three FB-issues and the three Witchblade tie-ins for 100 USD and some thought that was pretty much for only 6 issues and less then 200 pages. There was some confusion in regards to the content. Later on it changed to include Broken Trinity and its spin-off one-shots and is now totaling 400 pages. Can you tell us something about that decision?

Ron Marz: Hey, man, I just write the stuff! Don't ask me the production details!

Phil Smith II: Filip Sablik came up with the idea to combine both stories together in one volume. Collecting the two biggest story lines of the Top Cow Universe (to date) in a single volume made for a good idea and justified its price point. It just made sense to reward the fans with more value and content.

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