Monday, January 25, 2010

CBR: Kirkman and Silvestri's Demonic Enters Pilot Season

CBR News' Josh Wigler explores the hell out of the topic of when is murder justifiable with Pilot Season's Robert Kirkman and Marc Silvestri.

"'Demonic' is about a guy who has superpowers that may or may not be derived from demonic origins," Kirkman told CBR of the book's premise. "The basic thought is if someone were to have superpowers and not know exactly how they got them, it's entirely possible that the stress of having those superpowers could fracture that guy's personality to the point where he invents some kind of false outside stimulus that gives him a reason for his powers to exist. Basically, he has a demon that comes to him every night that tries to talk him into killing his wife and daughter. In order to not have to kill his wife and daughter, he has to go out and fill her quota for souls so that she's fed and doesn't require him to kill his family."

To say that there's no love lost between Scott and the demon that tortures him is a massive understatement. "He hates the thing and is constantly lashing out at it," said Kirkman. "He's put through quite a bit of turmoil, because he's always seeing this demon. It appears to him during the day, always taunting him, so he's living under a lot of stress. But it's left open whether or not what he's seeing is actually real."

To read the rest of the interview with Kirkman and Silvestri, go here.

Source: CBR

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