Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CBR Reviews Darkness: Shadows & Flame

CBR takes a look at Darkness: Shadows & Flame, currently in stores:

For fans of short horror stories, “The Darkness: Shadows & Flame” #1 is the book you possibly overlooked this week that warrants some attention, as Rob Levin crafts a creepy story about a man, Salvador Gomes, tortured by the deaths of his wife and child in 1897 New England. He now seeks the Shadow God to send him back in time to repair his failure to save them. A man named Teo tries to warn him off his insane quest, urging him to accept what has happened and move on as best he can.

Levin draws upon a specific Lovecraftian influence that’s reflected well in Jorge Lucas’s art. His detailed renderings of the Shadow God’s display just stopped me dead as I looked them over. Lucas has always proven himself a talented artist, but never in this vein.

It is nonetheless a well-crafted issue and something for horror fans to keep their eyes out for.

Read the full review here.

Source: CBR

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