Monday, January 11, 2010

ComicNewsi Reviews Darkness #82

Review: Jay Cochran
Date: Jan 10, 2010

Darkness #82 continues the story of Jackie Estacado and his quest for revenge on the evil Sovereign by destroying all of the villain’s statues, but Jackie and his comrades have hit a snag. They must break into Fort Knox to reach their next target.

Phil Hester does a good job of catching new readers up with everything that has happened prior to this issue, but in areas things seem to slow down just a bit too much. The lull in the action doesn’t last too long though, and the issue ends with a nice cliffhanger that will bring you back to the next issue.

Michael Broussard’s art work for this issue is stellar and makes picking up this issue worth every penny you will spend on it. Rick Basaldua’s inks also are vivid and the colors just jump off the page at you, making a very visually appealing comic book.

Darkness #82 is part one of a two-part story called The Hunting Party. If you are new to The Darkness or have not read it in awhile, then this issue makes for a good jumping-on point.

Source: ComicNewsi

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