Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Creative Loafing Looks Back At Comic Book Moments of 2009


Just typing it makes me feel weird, like it’s something out of Star Trek.

Twenty-ten: it just sounds like the future. And if it is the future, then the future is now. And while the future may, as always, remain uncertain — it’s not entirely unwritten. At least not for comic fans. (Solicits for 2010 comics hit the web months ago.)

It is said that to understand the future, one need only look to the past.

The last year was an exciting time for comics, full of Blackest Nights and Broken Trinities, and with Marvel currently under Siege, Image standing United, Top Cow preparing to redefine themselves with Artifacts, and the impending return of Bruce Wayne at DC, 2010 will stand boldly on the characters and plot-threads of 2009.

May the competition take note: next year’s list could be very different.

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Source: Creative Loafing

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