Monday, January 04, 2010

Genius Writer Guest Blogs on I09

This week io9 welcomes superpowered guest blogger Marc Bernardin, who will be contributing a handful of posts on pop culture - from the perspective of a critic and a creator.

Here is his official bio:

Marc Bernardin has had a somewhat scattershot career that has included tours of duty as a private investigator (okay, a very short tour), an award-winning screenwriter, a managing editor of Starlog magazine, and a consulting editor for Fangoria magazine. Most recently, he was a senior editor for Entertainment Weekly and He's currently a comic book writer, having co-authored — with Adam Freeman — Monster Attack Network (AiT/Planetlar), The Highwaymen (Wildstorm), Push (Wildstorm), Pilot Season: Genius (Top Cow), and The Authority (Wildstorm). Some of those books are being adapted for the screen, while others are content to look quite handsome on a shelf. All of the following are true: He has sat in Captain Kirk's chair, shaken Miranda Zero's hand, and been flipped off by Lucy Lawless.


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