Sunday, January 31, 2010

Newsarama: Top Cow Alum David Finch Ushering in a Brightest Day for DC

Top Cow Alum David Finch signed exclusively with DC this year and will be doing covers for the Brightest Day series.

In an interview with Newsarama's Vaneta Rogers, Finch recounts his early days at Top Cow:

Newsarama: Dave, we've talked a lot before about how you got into the business, but for DC fans who might not be familiar with your work, you came through Top Cow, right? Starting on Cyberforce under the direction of Marc Silvestri. How did you get started in comics there?

David Finch: I went to New York with some samples and showed them to David Wohl. He liked them enough to suggest I draw a pin-up and turn it in to Top Cow. They liked the pin-up enough to take me on as an intern and I learned on the job. That lead to seven years with Top Cow.

Nrama: Who were some of your influences as you began your comics career? Do you think they still influence your art, or has your style evolved?

Finch: My biggest influences when I started drawing were Marc Silvestri, Dale Keown, Jim Lee, Adam Kubert and Alan Davis and I would have to say that they still influence my art very heavily. Since then I’ve taken on a lot of other influences and gone in different directions, but the core of what I do has always stayed the same. I was attracted to comics because of the powerful artwork that I saw at that time, and that type of work is always going to be central to what I do.

Read the complete interview with David Finch here.

Source: Newsarama

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