Monday, January 11, 2010

Project Fanboy Reviews Darkness #82

Title: Darkness #82
Writer: Phil Hester
Pencils: Michael Broussard
Inks: Rick Basaldua

Reviewer Comments:
The Darkness #82 continues Jackie Estacados crusade to destroy his enemy Sovereign, and it also continues Phil Hesters great run on this comic. Phil Hester has really turned The Darkness into a title that is just as satisfying and enjoyable a read as anything else on the stands today.

This issue sees Jackie and his motley crew on a sort of montage romp throughout the world destroying the vessels of Sovereign. It has sort of a black ops meets a heist movie feel, and as always Hesters pacing is perfect. He knows exactly the type of story hes trying to tell and exactly what type of feel and tone hes going for and he accomplishes it well. Jackie and his crew have become a character unto themselves and Hester writes them all together in a way that keeps me wanting to see what things the crew will tackle next.

In previous issues Hester had drawn The Darkness himself, but this issue sees Michael Broussard on the pencil duties and I think it makes the book a little better. There is nothing wrong with Hesters art, hes a great artist, but I think the addition of Broussard to interpret and draw Hesters script added another view and way of telling the story. The layouts are very good classic sort of layouts, there's no wacky shapes or pages where your not sure which way to read what, and as much as I love an artist that experiments with layout, its nice see a a page layout that just tells the story simply and cleanly. Add to that the fact that Broussards pencils are very good and the inks and colors are also very good and you get a great looking book.

Another smart thing this creative team is doing is the two issue arcs. There is a big over-arching story being told but by telling it sort of two issues at a time, a new reader can jump on this book at anytime and fall right in line with it. Phil Hester has made The Darkness a book I look forward to.

Oh and one more thing...I don't mention covers a lot...but for some reason I love this cover. Its awesome.

Source: Project Fanboy

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