Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quarter Bin Reviews Darkness #82

Quarter Bin's Sarah has these choice words on The Darkness #82:

I would first like to point out that the cover for The Darkness #82 is one of my favorite in recent memory. Actually, there are two versions; one shows Jackie Estacado with a beard, one without. It’s almost deceptively simple, unlike many comic covers that fight for space on store shelves and are packed to the gills with patterns and colors. Yet it says everything it needs to about Jackie and The Darkness: he’s got his powers back. He’s got his Darklings. It’s all good.

After his recent adventures in the swamp, Jackie and his ragtag team are now fully committed to destroying the many Sovereign statues scattered all over the world. Some are easy to find, hidden in museums and other barely guarded locations; others will be far more difficult.

This issue takes place all over the world, which gave artist Michael Broussard a chance to draw varied environments, which is nice to see. Often, The Darkness gets stuck in one place, be it South America, New York City, or a swamp; this usually means the same basic color palette for 22 pages. The pacing in this issue is also good, and it’s over before you know it, ending on a cliffhanger to be resolved next month (as most storylines that are “part one of two” tend to do).

The Darkness #82 is in stores, so be sure to check out the continuing adventures of Jackie Estacado.

Source: Quarter Bin

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