Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ron Marz and Jeff Katz Chime in on Spidey 4

The interwebz was all in an uproar following Monday's shattering news that Spider-Man 4 was scrapped and a reboot on its way.

Top Cow's very own Ron Marz took a moment to share his thoughts with Newsarama's Vaneta Rogers, while elsewhere's Jeff Katz stopped by G4's Attack of the Show.

Newsarama has posed the question: Q: What do you think of the choice to “reboot" the highly successful big-screen Spider-Man franchise , and what do you hope to see in future films?

Ron Marz: I have to assume the reboot makes sense from a sheer dollars-and-cents standpoint. Sony gets to dump an expensive cast and director for presumably younger, cheaper ones. They get to replace Tobey Maguire with someone younger, who can conceivably play Peter Parker for the next decade. A reboot was inevitable, I suppose. I think what seems curious is the timing. Everything seemed in place for a fourth Raimi film, even up to Monday's supposed casting of Malkovich as the Vulture. Now that project will always be a 'what if...?' to ponder."

At this point, with no cast and no director attached, it's impossible to really form any opinion about where the franchise is headed. The one thing I hope we don't see is an extended re-telling of Spider-Man's origin. Everybody knows Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider. Everybody. Reference it briefly and move on to something we haven't seen before. There's a difference between a reboot and a remake. We don't need a remake.

Katz and movie editor Drew McWeeny talked all things Spidey on G4's Attack Of The Show

Source: Newsarama | GeekWeek

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