Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Weekly Crisis: Ron Marz Dispels Witchblade's Cheesecake Stigma

The Weekly Crisis' Mike Panetta found himself picking up the first issue of Ron Marz's run on Witchblade, Witchbalde Vol. 1: Witch Hunt.

Like many comic readers, he suddenly found himself hooked. And it turns out Witchblade was no longer the cheesecake comic where the girl's clothes gets ripped off every issue.

Panetta breaks down Witchblade's history and Marz's era with the title. Here are a few excerpts:

One of the first things Marz did to differentiate his run on Witchblade was to change Sara Pezzini's character. Gone was the young, inexperienced Sara of old and, in her place, was an older and more experienced character. And with this new maturity came one of the most fundamental changes to the comic - as Sara was now more experienced with the Witchblade, it no longer tore Sara's clothes to shreds when she used it. Instantly, the character had gone from the itty bitty floss bikini costume to a full-body armour over her clothes, eliminating what many saw as pointless titillation that had once been the only defining characteristic of the book.

So where does the cheesecake fit into this new Witchblade? Simply put, it doesn't. Marz does work a little bit into his stories, but only when it's appropriate to the plot and nothing remotely close to the blatant cheesecake of Witchblades past.

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Source: The Weekly Crisis

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