Thursday, February 25, 2010

Atomic Comics' Radiation Interrogation: Rob Levin & Bryan Hill

Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box is out this week. It has received a ton of great press so far. For those readers who may not know much about the Top Cow Universe can you give them a synopsis of what this book is about?

Bryan Hill - Thanks for checking in with us and the project. Glad to be here. This is probably the most pleasant interrogation I've had outside of that weekend with the Moscow Ballet, and they still left a couple of bruises...

But let's talk comics. You're being polite. The real question is "I don't know what the hell is going on in that universe so is this going to make any sense?"

First, shame on you because Ron Marz is doing great work that shatters whatever notions you have about Top Cow. There are trades out there. Do yourself a favor and grab some.

Second...yes. If you've never read a Top Cow comic before you can pick up BROKEN TRINITY: PANDORA'S BOX #1 and get a solid read. The book is about two people, Glorianna Silver and Michael Finnegan, who have Artifacts that grant them great power. While they're dealing with this power, and a prophecy that wants them to kill each other, another man emerges with a mission to find Pandora's Box.

And Pandora's Box is bad.

So now these two characters are drafted into a race to claim Pandora's Box, which also happens to be one of the thirteen most powerful Artifacts in the Top Cow Universe. That's just where the story starts. Where it goes from there really pushes the envelope of what's been done at Top Cow.

Rob Levin - “What he said” is the first thing that comes to mind because my answer wouldn’t have been nearly as good. This is a story about two new characters entering a world that is familiar to longtime readers, but completely unfamiliar to them as people. Glori has prepared for this, but practice only gets you so far, and Finn has had the curtain pulled back on the world he thought he knew. Neither are ever going to be the same again as they deal with this new threat, and each other, throughout the series.

As good as we think the story is, the art is that much better. Alessandro Vitti who we were lucky enough to pluck from the clutches of Marvel after his Secret Warriors run (thanks, Filip!) is really putting it down and doing his thing. He’s carving out this corner of the Top Cow Universe all his own. Of course, Mr. Wizard aka Sunny Gho is posterizing weaker colorists with his skills. He is an art assassin out there. And the inimitable Tommy Lee Edwards is doing gorgeous covers on every issue. We really had to step up our game just to keep from getting booed out of the building, and with any luck we’ve done our extremely talented collaborators justice. This isn’t hype, people, you’ll see what I mean when you read the book.

Read the full interrogation here.

Source: Atomic Comics

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