Monday, February 01, 2010

Impulse Creation Reviews Darkness: Shadows & Flame

Impulse Creations reviews Darkness: Shadows & Flames as part of their Pull-O-Rama for the week:

The latest Darkness one-shot, told by Rob Levin and illustrated by Jorge Lucas, travels back to late 19th-century England for a man's redemption quest. Regretting past mistakes, Salvador Gomes means to revive the woman he once loved and save her from death. He seeks a power called the Shadow Man, believed to rewrite history if compelled. With a man named Teo's help, Salvador enters the Shadow Man's nightmare and endures pure darkness and horror in the hope of expressing his lone request. But Teo, the issue's narrator, weaves a sub-text throughout the story that hints at the man's truth and some of the Darkness' origins, as well.

Darkness: Shadows and Flame is wonderfully composed, functioning on a dual level that ultimately succeeds in its writing and the accompanying art. Levin shows us an uncomfortable, pitch black side of the Darkness that readers often idly forget. One man's pain doesn't equate with true misery, and who better to convince us than a Darkness host himself? With a heart for vengeance games and a bitter sense of forgiveness, Levin crafts quite a tale that can be enjoyed more than once.

Source: Impulse Creations

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