Friday, February 12, 2010


With Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box arriving this month, a preparation of sorts was in order. We went straight to the source, creative team Rob Levin and Bryan Edward Hill, who gave us this handy rundown of the characters at the heart of Pandora’s Box.

Michael “Finn” Finnegan - Ex-gun runner Michael Finnegan grew up on the coldest side of Northern Ireland, learning from a young age that surviving meant combining violence, luck and charm into a way of life. Unaware of the legend of the Witchblade, Finn was hired to follow Sara Pezzini by Jackie Estcado a.k.a The Darkness. Finn quickly found himself in a new world of magic and terror when The Curator gave him the Glacier Stone...and made him the person responsible for serving its legacy in our time. After a violent confrontation with Glorianna Silver, Finnegan now struggles with the power of the Glacier Stone, half curious about its potential -- half resentful that his life was turned upside down because of it.

Glorianna “Glori” Silver - At seven years old, Glorianna Silver was orphaned when marauders invaded her poor Norwegian farmhouse. Just when it appeared she would be another statistic of poverty, she was found by Wulfgar Olafsson. On her eighth birthday, she was given a new purpose: Wulfgar told her it was her destiny to bear the power of the Ember Stone. Since that day, Wulfgar has trained Glori in everything from the highest-level academics to the most brutal fighting arts. Upon finding the Ember Stone, Glori claimed her legacy and set off to fulfill taking the Glacier Stone, uniting the trinity and using its power to remake the world according to her vision. Now Glori commands a multi-million dollar empire given to her by Wulfgar’s lineage. She has charities. Political contacts. Global influence...but she doesn’t have the Glacier Stone, and that’s where her obsession lies.

Wulfgar Olafsson - The Olafsson family line has existed for one purpose: to find and train the bearers of the Ember Stone. Stretching back to the dark ages, they have cultured a multi-million dollar fortune. In the modern day, Wulfgar is the patriarch of the Olafsson’s estate. Wulfgar created the Sons of Ember, a group dedicated to protecting the Olafsson Empire and the bearer of the Ember Stone, Wulfgar’s adopted daughter, Glorianna Silver. A lifetime student of history, literature and philosophy, Wulfgar has been Glori’s teacher, mentor, trainer and protector. Now that Glori possesses the Ember Stone, it is through Wulfgar’s counsel that Glori wages her war to unite the Broken Trinity.

Read the rest of the characters here.

Source: Newsarama

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