Thursday, February 18, 2010

Newsarama: Filip Sablik Reacts to DC Executive Announcement

Today's announcement that DC Entertainment would be promoting from within to fill its open and new jobs in the executive ranks has gotten a lot of positive reaction. As Jim Lee and Dan DiDio become co-publishers at the company with Geoff Johns as chief creative editor and John Rood & Patrick Caldon as new executive vice presidents, the comics industry is glad to see the roles are being filled by a few of their own.

Over the last decade, the comics industry has experienced some growing pains as it began merging more and more with Hollywood, including mixed reactions from fans to the recent reorganization at DC, the Disney takeover of Marvel, and the influx of movie interests at San Diego Comic-Con.

But the promotion "from within" has many comic book insiders cheering. On the practical side, DiDio, Lee and Johns have experience in the gaming, film and TV industries. But with that experience comes years of work within the comic book industry, and that's what is impressing the creators we polled.

A round-up of reactions from the comic book industry (and more):

Filip Sablik (publisher, Top Cow): Dan, Jim, and Geoff's accomplishments speak for themselves and it shouldn't be any great surprise that these three guys were tapped to help guide the next phase of DC's evolution as a company. I think diehard comic fans and direct market retailers are probably relieved to see three "comic insiders" put in these important positions. They're all great guys and a hearty congratulations and best of luck to all of them.

You can read more reactions to the executive announcement here.

Source: Newsarama

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