Friday, February 12, 2010

Newsarama: Marz, Sook, and Simonson weigh in on Magdalena cover

Yesterday, Newsarama had an exclusive look at the 1-in-50 retail incentive cover of Top Cow’s April-shipping Magdalena #1, showcasing the beautiful, raw pencil work of cover artist Ryan Sook. The incentive cover actually shows an alternate version of the issue’s striking iconic image of Patience, the current Magdalena. The series continues the story of the Magdalena lineage, descendents of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ, who have served as the Catholic Church’s monster hunters for centuries.

Blog@ had the chance to talk with Sook, series writer Ron Marz, and legendary artist Walter Simonson, whose classic cover to Thor #337 played an important role in the development of the Magdalena #1 cover.

“The Magdalena story that Ryan and I did for in the First Born: Aftermath issue is one of my favorite jobs ever,” Marz said. “So when we started talking about a cover artist for the Magdalena series, Ryan was the obvious choice. He was the only choice, in fact. His style, his use of shadows and light, is just a perfect fit for what we’re doing with Magdalena visually. I feel really blessed – no pun intended – that Ryan is part of the team.”

Source: Newsarama

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