Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Not Approved by the Comics Authority Shares Quick Thoughts on Pilot Season: Demonic

Demonic #1
by Robert Kirkman and Joe Benitez
Top Cow

Speaking of gross out, if you are sensitive to decapitations, this is a book you should skip. Robert Kirkman is the current man of the hour in comic book land since his Walking Dead series has firmly planted him in the upper echelon of comic creators. Demonic is part of the Pilot Season where are bunch of first issues are created and I guess we vote on the ones stories we like.

This book is about Scott. A man who seems to be possessed by a demon which requires sacrifices. Constantly needling Scott for souls, he goes out and kills criminals to satiate the demon. An interesting psychological story with some deeply moral questions. (Is one persons life more valuable than another?) I'd be interested in reading more of this story.

Catch some more quick thoughts here.

Source: Not Approved by the Comics Authority

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