Thursday, March 25, 2010

CraveOnline Reviews Darkness #83

The Darkness #83 is a rare breed of comic in that it’s a talker issue; an issue driven solely by plot with little to no action involved but still manages to be completely fascinating. The story here is so crisp, the dialog so spot on that it didn’t even dawn on me how dialog heavy and action light the issue was. I’ll be honest: I only have a working knowledge of the world of Darkness so I came to this issue almost as a newbie. At no point was I confused as to what was going on and by the issues end I became obsessed with digging deeper into this universe. Darkness #83 is that good and like I said, there’s not much action to be had in it.

The praise on achieving such a rare thing starts with writer Phil Hester who just nails every panel like it meant his job. So many comic book authors write for every other panel, or only give their all on the pages that “count”. Hester apparently wants to take the road less traveled by completely constructing a solid story using every square inch of space on the page. There isn’t a dialog balloon wasted or a bit of extraneous information. Hester has a lean and economical style that’s essential to keeping a plot heavy issue interesting. As I said, I’m just a casual Darkness observer and Hester totally hooked me by the end of the issue.

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Source: CraveOnline

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