Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Industry News: Major Spoilers - Will the iPad change the comic model?

We’re roughly thirty days away from the launch of Apple’s much-talked-about iPad. While the device looks like a flattened iPod, its potential to revolutionize the way we consume media is staggering. One of the more interesting aspects of the iPad is the ability to read comic books at nearly the same size as the printed version. While other e-books only have black-and-white displays, the iPad’s color screen could radically change the way we read and access comics.

I’ve talked before about digital comics and how an effective electronic color reader could change the way we access and enjoy comic books. But is the iPad that device?

I live at least 150 miles from the nearest comic book shop. While you may think it is a long trek across town to your shop, the distance and time commitment to get to my local shop is prohibitive. For that reason, I rely on the post office to get my weekly stash of four-color goodness. Of course when there is a holiday, delay in shipping, or general muck-up by someone who doesn’t get to the post office on time, I generally get my comics two days later. Recently, I didn’t receive the week’s comics until the Monday following release. Moving physical media around is a big hassle for distributors, publishers, and comic book readers. With electronically distributed comics, readers can access them when and where they want.

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Source: Major Spoilers

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