Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MTV Splashpage Talks Wanted 2 With Mark Millar

One thing's for sure: if/when "Wanted 2" hits theaters, Angelina Jolie will not be taking a shot at rising from the dead.

MTV News caught up with "Wanted" co-creator Mark Millar at the South By Southwest Film Festival to get his thoughts on how the "Wanted 2" story and its fraternity of assassins will move forward without Jolie's character, and why the answer could lie in the introduction of other fraternities around the world.

"They killed off the most recognizable character, but I thought it was great to do that," Millar told MTV News. "It was so ballsy to kill off the one person you didn't expect to die."

"What they're talking about is just moving on with the story and doing it properly," he said. "Just bringing in another cool character as this world opens up with all the different fraternities out there all across the world. This could change at any moment, but the last I heard two weeks ago, was that was the plan moving forward."

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Source: MTV Splashpage

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