Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Newsarama: The Descendant of Christ Fights in TOP COW Ongoing Series

The key tenant in the superhero genre is the struggle of good versus evil. Many call these muscled marvels and sleek supeheroines the modern-day version of Greek Gods. But in an upcoming new series from Top Cow, they take their inspiration from a different set of gods – or should I say God.

In the upcoming series Magdelana, Top Cow is letting a long-time featured character of theirs take root. The series, a superheroic take on a rumored bloodline that traces itself back to Jesus Christ, is one part DaVinci Code and one part Wonder Woman.

In Top Cow lore, the women who have taken up the role of Magdalena for the Catholic Church were sprung out of a godly lineage, going back to Mary Magdalena, the reputed wife of Jesus Christ according to some. Mary Magdalene gave birth to a daughter, Sarah, and started the bloodline that continues to this day with the current Magdalena, Patience. The Magdalena through history have acted as warriors and protectors of the Catholic Church.

These daughters of Mary Magdalene hold the ability to peer into the human heart and give second chances for those who have performed ill deeds. In addition to these powers, the Catholic Church has entrusted her with the Spear of Destiny, the legendary spear which once pierced the side of Christ, and acts as a formidable holy weapon against evil spirits and the like.

But the current Magdalena, Patience, has rebelled against the portentous ways of her controllers of the modern-day Catholic Church, and for the first time Patience is on her own. The story of Magdalena has been chronicled for years at Top Cow with various one-shots, crossovers, miniseries and guest appearances, and now for the first time ever the Magdalena has her own ongoing series.

Top Cow’s main architect, Ron Marz, is joined by Top Cow studio artist Nelson Blake II to plot the future of the publisher’s holy heroine and the series which is scheduled to debut on April 28th.

Newsarama: Ron, we can tell you’ve been anxious to work with this character, especially after seeing how you portrayed her when she popped up in Witchblade and First Born. Is this something you’ve been aiming towards for awhile?

Ron Marz: Magdalena was what I actually asked to do after I'd finished up my first job for Top Cow, which was a Darkness arc. They asked what I wanted to do, I said Magdalena, and the answer was, "Sound great. How 'bout you do Witchblade instead?" So Magdalena has been on the back burner for me for a while, which is good. It makes a lot more sense to take the time to get the right team at the right time, rather than rush out a book that's less than we want it to be. 

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Source: Newsarama

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