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Newsarama: Seasoned Fliers SILVESTRI & KIRKMAN Talk PILOT SEASON

Although the 1930s and 1940s have the moniker as the Golden Age of Comics, these recent years in comics have shown a new golden age with a multitude of titles, characters, creators and concepts bursting forth from all corners of the globe. There are more comics being released today than ever before, and with that abundance of competition it’s hard for a new concept to get footing – no matter how good it might be. Trying to decide what to publish has always been a hard decision, so comic publisher Top Cow has been giving the fans the decision with their yearly Pilot Season event.

Each year for the past three years, Top Cow has published several one-shots under the Pilot Season banner featuring new creations – with fans given the opportunity to vote on which of the group they’d like to see in its own series. Each year, two titles are chosen out of the group and promoted to a full-length series. Each year, creators in all shapes and sizes – from newcomers like Joshua Hale Fialkov to veterans like Joe Casey – put their ideas to the test to see what fans want to see. But now in Top Cow’s third iteration of the Pilot Season event, Top Cow has drafted a comics dream team.

For this year’s Pilot Season, writer Robert Kirkman and artist Marc Silvestri took the helm as the idea men. It was actually Kirkman’s idea to do it, and once he was on-board there was no stopping him.

“It feels pretty awesome,” said Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik, who had a hand in the creation of Pilot Season several years ago. “I think this is one of the more exciting and innovative events we do every year. The fact that Robert approached us is a pretty good indication that the idea has some merit!”

After years of separate creative teams on each of the Pilot Season entries, this year’s event has Kirkman writing all the books. Kirkman, who was recently inducted into the inner circle of Image Comics as a partner, had been following the previous years of Pilot Season as a fan before he decided to stick his toes in the water.

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