Monday, March 22, 2010

Nfamous Gamers Reviews Darkness #83

Title:The Darkness
Issue: #83, The Hunting Party, Part II
Company:Top Cow/Image
Writer:Phil Hester
Covers:Dennis Calero (Cover A) and Whilce Portachio and Arif Prianto (Cover B)
Interiors:Michael Broussard (P), Rick Basaldua (I), and Arif Prianto (C)
Available: March 17, 2010

Jackie Estacado is surrounded after a botched mission to find and destroy another artifact left by the Sovereign while his team makes their way to the rendezvous point without him. Outnumbered and outgunned, Jackie falls to the US military and ends up in the hands of someone with whom he has crossed paths before, and someone who wants a little payback for something Jackie took. As Jackie is dealing with his ordeal, his team is confronted by the very man they are helping Jackie destroy and are left to deal with him and his considerable power on their own. Can Jackie make it out of US government hands alive knowing they want his “armor” for themselves? And can his team be trusted to do Jackie right, or will they be more victims of the ancient evil they are fighting?

The Darkness continues to be one of the best books out there right now in terms of consistency. The writing is always straight forward and pleasing. It is complicated, but not overly so that you can’t just pick up and issue and go. And the art is always a pleasure to look at in this book, though this is Michael Broussard’s last issue on the title. His art and line work are beautiful to look at, especially when coupled with Rick Basaldua’s inks and Arif Prianto’s coloring. As for the story itself, Phil Hester delivers another action packed issue once again. These factors combined continue to make The Darkness a must read month after month.

Story: 4/5

Art: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

Source: Nfamous Gamers

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